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Welcome to storybook recipes where culinary arts meets literary arts. We have found over the years that a story makes everything even better. Grandma's pie recipe is so much better than one bought from a store because we remember her when we use her recipe. Each of our recipes have a story to go with it, and we hope they make them that much better.

The only thing left to ask is if story begot recipe or recipe begot story. Unfortunately you will just have to guess for none of the Staff members are likely to tell you.

Gratefully yours,
The unruly staff of Storybook Recipes




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Site News

January 5, 2012: The Epub version of my book is now onsale, also in celebration discounted the price of the paperback for a limited time.

December 8, 2011: My first novel is available for sale on Lulu, also uploaded the 3 recipe stories I edited.

October 3, 2011: Due to the impending publication of my first novel, I will be taking some time off from book 2 to edit all of the stories on here. No dates will be changed unless a significant rewrite occurs and then it will be marked: new date (old date).


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